How to see Stonehenge for free

You can actually experience the breathtaking Stonehenge without spending a penny! It’s absolutely true! This enigmatic ancient structure provides free viewing areas where you can marvel at its magnificence. So, grab your comfortable shoes, embark on an affordable adventure, and get ready to be astounded by this extraordinary prehistoric marvel.

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History of Stonehenge:

Stonehenge, located in England, consists of a circle of massive stones that were constructed more than 5,000 years ago. The purpose of its construction remains unknown, but it is considered a significant and intriguing site. The stones are arranged in a way that resembles a puzzle, with some standing tall and others flat on top.

Many believe that Stonehenge may have been utilized for ceremonies or to observe important seasonal events. Despite the mystery surrounding its origins, exploring Stonehenge up close allows visitors to experience the ancient power and history of this remarkable place.

Who Built Stonehenge?

The builders of Stonehenge are still unknown! Although we have some hints, we have yet to discover a clear answer.

Here’s what we know:

  • Archaeologists suggest that Stonehenge was not constructed by a single group of people. Instead, it is believed that it was built gradually over a long period of time, with various groups contributing to its construction at different stages.
  • Stonehenge was built approximately 5,000 years ago during the Neolithic period, a time when early farmers inhabited Britain.
  • Enhanced Equipment over time, individuals equipped with more sophisticated tools and a tight-knit community played a role in the creation of the monument.
  • Some scientists speculate that a few of these later builders could have come from Europe, while others argue that they are the offspring of the original Neolithic inhabitants.

Stonehenge was built by multiple groups of people over a long period, even though we don’t know the specific builders.

Stonehenge Parking Free:

You can save money by finding free parking near Stonehenge. Here are two options for free parking:

Larkhill Car Park: Found on Willoughby Road, this car park provides free parking and is a 15-minute walk to the free viewing area.

Woodhenge Car Park: For a longer walk, you can park at Woodhenge, another ancient monument located 2.5 miles from Stonehenge. This car park is also free.

Free Entry to Stonehenge for Local Residents:

This special offer allows residents of Amesbury, Durrington, Shrewton, or Winterbourne Gunner to visit the iconic Stonehenge site for free by simply presenting proof of residency. This initiative aims to give local residents the opportunity to explore and learn more about the historical significance of Stonehenge, without any cost barriers. 


By providing free entry to those living in the surrounding areas, Stonehenge hopes to foster a sense of community pride and engagement with this world-renowned heritage site. This offer not only benefits the residents by allowing them to access this cultural landmark for free, but also encourages them to take advantage of the rich history and beauty that Stonehenge has to offer.

Stonehenge Free Path:

A public footpath runs next to the paid visitor path, providing a great view of Stonehenge for free.

Stonehenge Free Path

To find the free path:

  • Start by parking your car at Larkhill Car Park on Willoughby Road.
  • Walk south on the public footpath until you come to a gate.
  • Go through the gate and keep following the path until you spot the Stonehenge stones.
  • Or just click in this link for Google Map for walking towards Stonehenge

Remember, you can see the stones from the free path, but you won’t be able to access the visitor center, exhibits, or audio guides.

Free Entry During Special Events:

Stonehenge offers various free events each year, such as:

Summer Solstice: See the sunrise at Stonehenge during the summer solstice.

Winter Solstice: Enjoy the shortest day of the year at Stonehenge.

English Heritage Open Days: Visit the English Heritage website to find out when Stonehenge is open to the public for free.

How to see Stonehenge for free, Stonehenge parking free, Free entry to Stonehenge for local residents, Stonehenge free path

Tips for Visiting Stonehenge for Free:

  • Remember to bring your own snacks and drinks as there are no shops or restaurants nearby the free viewing area.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes as you’ll be doing some walking.
  • Before you go, check for any closures or special events to plan your visit accordingly.
  • Be respectful of the site as Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take care of your surroundings and leave no trace.

Alternative Ways to See Stonehenge on a Budget:

Join the National Trust: If you plan to visit other National Trust properties, consider becoming a member. This will give you free entry to Stonehenge and other historic sites.

Book during off-peak times: Entrance fees are lower during the winter months, so plan your visit accordingly.

Combine with other nearby attractions: Visit other free historical sites in the area, such as Avebury Henge, a Neolithic monument with a larger stone circle than Stonehenge.

Take a guided tour: While not free, some guided tours offer discounts or include Stonehenge in their itinerary alongside other free attractions.

Beyond the Free Experience:

Although the free options provide a small taste of Stonehenge’s magnificence, there is a unique charm in fully immersing yourself in the site. If you can afford it, think about buying an entrance ticket that allows you to enjoy:


The Visitor Center: Discover the history, archaeology, and theories related to Stonehenge.

Exhibits: Engage with interactive displays and artifacts that breathe life into the monument.

Audio Guides: Obtain a deeper understanding of the stones and their importance.

Inner Circle Access: Approach the stones closely and admire their enormous size and intricate details.

Intriguing Facts about Stonehenge:


  • A Monumental Undertaking: Stonehenge was built over a staggering 1,500 years, starting around 3000 BC. Imagine the dedication and effort it took to construct this massive monument!
  • Stonehenge is Older Than the Pyramids: This prehistoric wonder predates the Egyptian pyramids by about 1,000 years!
  • A Mystery of Origins: We still don’t know exactly why Stonehenge was built. Theories range from religious ceremonies to astronomical observations.
  • Giant Movers: The largest stone at Stonehenge weighs over 30 tons! How they managed to transport these massive stones without modern technology remains a puzzle.
  • A Journey of Stones: Some of the bluestones used in Stonehenge were transported over 240 miles from Wales, highlighting the incredible planning and organization of the builders.
  • Sun Alignments: Stonehenge is aligned with the summer and winter solstices, suggesting a connection to astronomical events.
  • A Burial Ground: The site around Stonehenge also contains the remains of over 50 people, indicating its potential use as a burial ground for important individuals.
  • A Sound Phenomenon: Research suggests that Stonehenge might have had exceptional acoustic properties, amplifying sounds within the circle.
  • A Living Monument: Stonehenge continues to be a place of spiritual significance and pilgrimage for many people today.

A Final Note:

Stonehenge is an intriguing structure that has fascinated people for hundreds of years. Whether you view it from the free path or fully explore the site, you’ll be in awe of its historical significance. Don’t forget, even the free visit allows you to connect with history and admire the lasting impact of this ancient marvel.



Larkhill Car Park and Woodhenge Car Park offer free parking options.

Yes! Stonehenge offers free entry during special events like the summer and winter solstices and English Heritage Open Days.

You won't have access to the visitor center, exhibits, audio guides, or the inner circle.

Consider becoming a National Trust member, visiting during off-peak times, or combining your trip with other free attractions in the area.

Pack snacks and drinks, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and plan your visit in advance.

Not at all! The free path is there for everyone to enjoy. Just be sure to respect the site and leave no trace.

Yes, some guided tours offer budget-friendly options or include Stonehenge in their itinerary alongside other free attractions.

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