Standing Tall: Lizard Lighthouse

Standing tall for over 270 years at Lizard Point, the southernmost tip of mainland Britain, the iconic landmark known as the Lizard Lighthouse is more than just a beacon for ships. It represents human creativity, offers hope to tired sailors, and holds a piece of Cornish history. Today, the lighthouse not only guides ships through the English Channel but also attracts tourists from all over the globe who are fascinated by its rich history and the stunning scenery of the Lizard Peninsula.

In this article I will explore the Lizard Lighthouse, one of the most captivating lighthouses in England.

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Lizard Point Lighthouse History:

The history of Lizard Lighthouse dates back to the 1700s. Due to many shipwrecks near Lizard Point, people demanded a lighthouse. The first tower was built in 1751, followed by a second tower for improved visibility. These twin towers, made of local stone, have endured the tough coastal conditions and have been vital for guiding ships.

Lizard Point Lighthouse Facts: Unique Features and Significance

  • Twin Towers: With its two distinct towers, the Lizard Lighthouse is easily distinguishable. This clever design ensures that passing ships won’t mistake it for any other lighthouse in the vicinity.
  • Landfall Light: For centuries, the Lizard Lighthouse served as a welcoming beacon for ships returning to England. Its powerful light, visible for over 100 miles on a clear night, offered a sense of relief and direction to sailors nearing home.

Automation: Back in the day, the Lizard Lighthouse relied on dedicated lighthouse keepers to function. Fast forward to 1998, it underwent a complete automation process. Nevertheless, it continues to hold immense significance in safeguarding maritime safety in the English Channel.

Lizard Point Lighthouse Opening Times and Accessibility

While the lighthouse itself is not open to the public for climbing, visitors can explore the surrounding area and learn about its rich history. Here’s what you need to know for your visit:

  • Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre:The Heritage Centre, situated in the authentic engine room of the lighthouse, provides a captivating look into history. Visitors can enjoy interactive displays, historical exhibits, and artifacts that showcase the lives of the lighthouse keepers. The centre is open every day.
  • Accessibility: The cliffside trail provides beautiful views of the lighthouse and coastline, but be sure to wear sturdy shoes since the terrain can be rough.

Lizard Point Lighthouse Tours: Exploring the Local Area

The Lizard Lighthouse is situated in a beautiful part of Cornwall, offering a variety of attractions for visitors. Here are some tour options to consider:

  • Guided Walking Tours: Many local businesses provide guided walking tours that delve into the history and geology of Lizard Point. These tours usually involve a stop at the Lighthouse Heritage Centre.
  • Boat Tours: Hop on a boat and explore Lizard Point to get a one-of-a-kind view of the lighthouse and the stunning coastline. Keep your eyes peeled, as you might just catch a glimpse of some incredible marine wildlife during your adventure!

Lizard Lighthouse Cottages: Accommodation with a View

If you’re after a unique escape, why not stay in one of the charming cottages near the Lizard Lighthouse? These self-catering accommodations offer amazing ocean views and a great home base for your adventures.

Lizard Point Lighthouse: A Symbol of Safety and History

The Lizard Lighthouse is not just a beacon of maritime safety, but also a testament to human ingenuity. It continues to serve as a vital navigational aid for sailors and a popular attraction for tourists. Whether you’re intrigued by its rich history or simply captivated by its distinctive design, the Lizard Lighthouse is definitely worth a visit.

Things to Do Around Lizard Lighthouse: Exploring the Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula is not just about the lighthouse, it’s a haven of natural beauty, historical wonders, and exciting outdoor adventures. Check out these awesome suggestions to make the most of your trip:

  • Kynance Cove: This stunning cove boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and dramatic cliffs. Explore the rock pools at low tide, take a boat trip into hidden coves, or simply relax on the beach and soak up the scenery.
  • Flambards Village: Step back in time at Flambards Village, a living history experience showcasing life in Cornwall from the Victorian era to the Second World War. Explore reconstructed shops, cottages, and workplaces, and even take a ride on a traditional steam train.
  • Mullion Cove: Another picturesque cove with a charming harbour and a selection of cafes and restaurants. Take a boat trip to see the impressive Mullion Island, or try your hand at kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.
  • South West Coast Path: Get ready to tie up your walking boots and discover a portion of the South West Coast Path, a magnificent trail that showcases stunning coastal vistas. The Lizard section is renowned for its awe-inspiring cliffs, secret coves, and abundant wildlife.
  • Lizard Point Wildlife Centre: Come and explore the captivating wildlife of the Lizard Peninsula at this amazing visitor centre! Get up close and personal with incredible creatures such as lizards (obviously!), otters, and majestic birds of prey. It’s an interactive experience you won’t want to miss!

Planning Your Trip to Lizard Lighthouse

Here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Lizard Lighthouse:

  • Check the weather: The Cornish coast can experience unpredictable weather conditions. Be sure to check the forecast before your visit and pack accordingly.
  • Bring appropriate clothing: It’s a good idea to dress in layers since the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes when walking along the cliffside trails.
  • Respect the environment: The Lizard Point is a stunning place of natural beauty. Let’s do our part in preserving its charm by adhering to the Countryside Code and ensuring we leave no trace behind.
  • Consider the time of year: The Lizard Lighthouse is a well-liked spot for tourists, especially in the busy summer months. For a more peaceful visit, try coming in the quieter spring or autumn seasons.

Lizard Point’s Rich History and Folklore

The Lizard Peninsula boasts a rich tapestry of history and folklore that extends far beyond the story of the lighthouse. 

  • Smuggling: Smugglers have found solace in the hidden coves and striking coastline of the Lizard Peninsula for many years. Stories speak of concealed tunnels where illegal goods were stashed away, and brave local fishermen who risked their lives to save those stranded by shipwrecks.
  • Shipwrecks: The treacherous waters around Lizard Point have claimed countless ships throughout history. Some of these wrecks have left behind a legacy of salvaged treasures and haunting stories.
  • Standing Stones: The Lizard Peninsula is scattered with ancient standing stones, serving as quiet reminders of prehistoric settlements. These massive rocks never fail to ignite our imagination and give rise to various theories about their intended use.
  • Celts and Romans: For thousands of years, the Celtic people were known to have lived on the Lizard Peninsula, according to evidence. Following their time, the Romans came and left behind artifacts like Roman pottery and coins.

Local Specialties and Cornwall’s Culinary Delights

No trip to Cornwall is complete without indulging in some of the region’s delicious food and drink. Here are some local specialties to savor near Lizard Lighthouse:

  • Cornish Pasty: This iconic dish features savory filling of meat and vegetables encased in a golden pastry crust. Perfect for a picnic lunch with a view!
  • Fresh Seafood: Cornwall’s coastline is renowned for its bounty of fresh seafood. Sample locally caught fish and shellfish in a charming pub or restaurant.
  • Cream Tea: A quintessential English tradition, cream tea features scones served with clotted cream and jam. Pair it with a pot of tea for a delightful afternoon treat.
  • Cornish Cream: Speaking of clotted cream, this thick and rich cream is a Cornish specialty. Enjoy it on scones, fruitcake, or simply on its own.
  • Local Ales and Ciders: Cornwall boasts a thriving craft beer scene. Sample local ales and ciders made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

To conclude, the Lizard Lighthouse is more than just a beacon for maritime safety; it stands as a symbol of the Lizard Peninsula’s fascinating history and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Whether you’re fascinated by its impressive engineering, drawn to its role in local legends, or simply seeking a breathtaking coastal escape, the Lizard Lighthouse has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this iconic landmark and its enchanting surroundings – start planning your trip today!



Absolutely! While you can't climb the lighthouse itself, there's plenty to explore in the surrounding area. Here are some options:

  • Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre: Learn about the lighthouse's history, the lives of the lighthouse keepers, and the importance of lighthouses through interactive exhibits and displays.
  • Guided Walking Tours: Explore the geology and history of Lizard Point, often including a visit to the Heritage Centre.
  • Boat Tours: Take a boat trip around Lizard Point for a unique perspective of the lighthouse and the dramatic coastline.
  • Explore the Lizard Peninsula: Discover stunning coves, historical sites, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Several charming cottages with breathtaking sea views are available for rent near the lighthouse, offering a comfortable base for exploring the area.

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